Gone to the Birds

As anyone would know that has followed my blog for a couple of years, during the winter I like to get out on the local nature trails and try my hand at wildlife and landscape photography. Granted, my “wildlife” subjects usually sports wings and feathers rather than fur and claws, but they’re wild just the same. The shot of the tufted titmouse was taken at a feeder in my backyard (between Havelock, Beufort and Newport… how’s that for triangulation?). The red cockaded woodpecker was taken in the Croatan National Forest along the Patsy Pond nature trail, near Cape Carteret. Hope you enjoy.

Tufted Titmouse at the feeder, between Newport, Havelock & Beaufort NC. RCW along the Patsy Pond nature trail, Croatan National forest, near Cape Carteret, North Carolina.