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Wat Carolina Buddhist Temple: Wilmington, North Carolina

I had the opportunity to visit the Wat Carolina Buddhajakra Vanaram, Boliva, NC (between Wilmington & Southport, North Carolina). It was an interesting opportunity for some photography and not something one would normally expect in North Carolina. I’d like to visit again for additional photography in conjunction with one of their holidays/celebrations.

The shrine in the main temple building. Detail of two of the Buddha statues in the main temple near Wilmington, NC

The architecture is more what one would expect to see in Thailand or India rather than southern North Carolina. Another view of the Wat Carolina temple, about 2 hours north of Myrtle Beach, SC

The different roof levels are interesting: Buddhist Association of North Carolina Several statues of the Buddha featured on the shrine in the teaching area in the monk's quarters.

A candle burns in front of the shrine.

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Unscripted: Raleigh North Carolina Model Photo Shoot

Olena strikes a pose in a wedding gown early in the shoot along the streets near the Hi 5 Sports Bar, Raleigh North Carolina. Near the end of the shoot we catch Olena in some beautiful natrual light streaming into a Raleigh, NC parking garage.

The Wedding Photographic Society, a networkiing group of wedding photographers based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, recently hosted a model shoot in conjunction with their May “unscripted” meeting. I had the pleasure of attending and taking part in the shoot, along with 20 other photographers. Five models participated and we broke out into separate groups, each with one model. You can check out a slideshow of more of my images from the event by clicking here.

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New Toy!

I’ve always been fascinated by near-infrared digital photography. It can produce some very gorgeous wedding images and landscapes. I recently acquired a Canon Powershot G2 camera that has been converted to IR only capture. It’s going to take some time and practice to get using it down, but I like the possibilities. Here’s a little landscape example… taken behind the North Carolina Visitors Center on Hwy. 17, near the Virginia border… Big Dismal Swamp Canal:

Big Dismal Swamp Canal in Infrared

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Sitting in a Hotel Room

I thought I’d take a moment to jot down a quick note or two while I’m sitting in my hotel room, near Washington DC.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be attending a seminar conducted by notable Austrailian Portrait photographer, Tero Sade.  I always look forward to learning more about the art, science and business of photography.

I’m enrolled in one more seminar for the year.  Continuing education is so important as a tool to grow ones skills, vision and business.  It’s also a commitment one should make to insure they provide the best for their customers.