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Unscripted: Raleigh North Carolina Model Photo Shoot

Olena strikes a pose in a wedding gown early in the shoot along the streets near the Hi 5 Sports Bar, Raleigh North Carolina. Near the end of the shoot we catch Olena in some beautiful natrual light streaming into a Raleigh, NC parking garage.

The Wedding Photographic Society, a networkiing group of wedding photographers based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, recently hosted a model shoot in conjunction with their May “unscripted” meeting. I had the pleasure of attending and taking part in the shoot, along with 20 other photographers. Five models participated and we broke out into separate groups, each with one model. You can check out a slideshow of more of my images from the event by clicking here.

GOYA Personal

Giving Photojournalism a Try: The Morehead City “Tea Party”

As a boy, when the other kids were playing “cowboys and indians” I was frequently playing “newspaper reporter.” I was always fascinated by the idea of reporting news. Though I never pursued that side of photography I couldn’t resist giving it a try at a local “Tea Party.” Please note I’m not posting this as a political statement. This was simply my attempt at documenting a current event.

These peaceful examples of “civil disobedience” took place all over the country April 15. It struck me as a newsworthy and unusual occurence. These photos were taken at the “Tea Party” in Morehead City, North Carolina. The event was held in the parking lot of the Kmart Plaza and was attended by about 1000 people. I’d love to hear comments about whether you think I did a good job covering this event.

April 15 An unusual event, people turn out to express their feelings about high taxes and government spending.

Civil disobedience, the Morehead City

My attempt at photojournalism

Approximately 500 people attended this Eastern Carolina

Citizens excercise their right to freedom of speech.

As a boy I wanted to be a newspaper photographer.  This was an interesting excercise as a photographer.

Eastern North Carolina citizins gather in a peaceful demonstration on April 15, 2009 Documetary photography is not a lot different than wedding photography.

The event lasted for about two hours.

People of all ages gathered to express their disapproval of government spending.

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Red Leaf: A Symbol of Fall

I had the honor of being asked to capture an “autunm/harvest” image for the November cover for the “Newport Voice.” While we eventually settled on a shot of the fall harvest display located at the Neport Mini-park, I was really taken by the simplicity of this image of a red leaf floating in the Newport river. I hope you enjoy.

A sign of Fall, a red leaf floats in the Newport river.

Bridal GOYA Portraits

The Unportrait Party

I had the pleasure of attending an “Unportrait party” in Raleigh last weekend. The shoot was put together by Raleigh area photographers Brian Mullens and Kittie Deemer. Other photographers attending included Ken Luallen and Patricia Suzanne. Our two models, Lauren and Heather, did a wonderful job. There’s nothing more fun than having the opportunity to make artistic images with pretty girls wearing bridal gowns in unusual places.
Hope you enjoy!

Hang on!


Take a Break

Downtown Hustle

Pretty smile in black & white

Backlit Bride

Bird and a wire

Green with envy




Gone to the Birds

It’s been while since I actively pushed myself to get out and shoot something for fun rather than for business.  This week I decided to do just that and pursue a little wildlife photography of the feathered kind.  There are a nesting pair of Ospreys at the Cedar Point Tideland Trail area and I decided to try and get a shot or two.  I caught the mail perched close enough for a decent shot along with a few shots of other local residents:


It’s GOYA Friday!

As is often the case, I shot GOYA Friday on Wednesday. Just happens to be the day I usually have open. For this weeks edition I drove over to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. Even though the temperature was in the low sixities, and the wind was blowing strong, a few brave souls were out enjoying the sunshine, visiting the beach-side bars and taking life easy.

I especially found the young man with the hat and glasses interesting. Using a frisbee he’d dug a, (shall I say it?), “fox hole” for three young ladies to be able to get out of the wind and still be able to enjoy the sun. When I asked him if I could take a couple of shots he was busy digging a shelter for himself.

There were a few folks sitting along the boardwalk engrossed in reading. Using the rear of one building and the side of another they escaped the wind and were able to catch a few rays and keep the pages of their books under control. Not a bad way to spend a day.

I noticed a couple of girls pull into the parking lot and walk to the playground area. One climbed the jungle-jim set and posed while the other took a picture. I figured what the heck? As long as she’s posing I might as well grab a shot as well.

I’m not sure if the Marine was returning from deployment, or if his detachment took a wrong turn on thier way to the port to head out. Regardless, he came out of a coffee shop on the boardwalk and walked hurriedly back to the rest of his group.
And finally this little feathered fellow was intent on exploring the contents of an unoccupied blanket.

The folks who owned the stuff had walked down to the water’s edge and left it unattended. He would walk around it, looking intently. Stop and look around to see if anyone was near. Move in a little closer and repeat. Finally he pecked at one of the drinks and knocked the cup over. It was quite entertaining.

That’s it for now. Comments always welcome. If you own a camera, don’t forget to GOYA yourself. And be sure to checkout the “official” GOYA site:

Engagement GOYA

Linzie & Kevin (+ GOYA Friday)

Congratulations to Linzie and Kevin of Indian Trial NC.
They will be wed in New Bern, September 02, 2006. I had the pleasure of meeting them today and took the opportunity to capture a few engagement style photos. Sunsetting over the Nuese…… Sailing Yachts, Power Yachts and a couple in love…… a recipe for romance!


Sky Witch in the Studio: Day Late GOYA

Sky Witch, “the new face of old metal,” is back in the studio working on a new album. The German underground music scene can’t seem to get enough of last year’s EP release. The new material is bound to only feed the fire.

So what do they sound like? Whadda mean “the new face of old metal… like they play all 80’s covers? The play original material with a sound reminisent of 80’s “Hair” bands. Regardless of your favorite, Def Leppard….. Guns N Roses…… Motely Crue……, you’ll likely hear riffs and solos that satisifies your thirst for
rockin’ metal. Slippery wet leads, crunchy rifs, thumping bass lines…. they’ve got it all in there. But why not just check them out for yourself at the Sky Witch website.

So what about the photos? I spent the day hangin’ with the band at the studio. Tried to capture a feel for the recording experience…… put in some suggestions on arrangements…. even laid down a keyboard track on one of the new pieces. I’m sure I added to the challenge of laying down a clean track by popping my strobe off in their faces while they played. Yet no one complained and the musical results are simply awesome!

So here it is, GOYOA Friday + one day. Hope y’all enjoy it.


Rock -n- Roll Patrons: A Study in Black & White – Raleigh, NC

These are from a shoot at Kings Barcade in Raleigh North Carolina last month. You can find more, including shots of the bands at KingsJan06.


GOYA Friday: Fun with texture

This is a bit of a change….. I actually shot GOYA Friday on Friday! Will wonders never cease. I decided to have a little fun with items around the house/property that might have interesting textures. Basically two subjects were shot: 1) Some old sheetmetal siding on an outbuilding that as been painted with silver paint, and suffered from some rust. (Technical data: Canon 20D, 50mm 1.8 lens, various ISO and F-stop settings & shutter speeds.) Hope you enjoy.