Friday the 13th Wedding

Congratulations to Lindsey and Preston Mann. Friday the 13th has always been my lucky day and having the honor of sharing this ceremony only further proves it. The bride, groom and entire family were simply great to work with and to meet

Alon Morris,, was on hand to create a sketch of the wedding ceremony. This was a special treat that I hadn’t seen done at a wedding before. From the looks of the preliminary drawing the results should be simply outstanding.

I’d also like to thank Lacy Gadwill of Ever After Photography, for refering Lindsey and Preston to me. If you’re looking for a Charlotte North Carolina photographer be sure to contact Lacy.

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Robert (Bob) is a professional wedding photographer living along North Carolina's Crystal Coast. He specializes in wedding and lifestyle portraiture.

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Bob, thank you– you didn’t need to mention it! I wish I could have done the honors myself… what a cool couple! 🙂

ooohhh… that sketch idea is kinda cool. i’ve ben doing some of this, but sketching from photos. it’s really hard to do a live sketch of something like this!

your photos are great too, btw 🙂

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