Nurse Cherity and the Half Naked Native

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Cherity capturing a series of bridal portraits for her. While shooting on Atlantic Beach a “native” beach walker noticed that the bride was without a groom. He walked up, asked if she need a “stand-in hunk” and I snapped a couple of shots. As you can tell by the photo, Cherity had a good laugh. A good sense of humor and willingness to have a little fun is something I always appreciate. The beach walker, Cherity, her friends and I all enjoyed this gentleman’s antics. Shot with a Canon 20D, handheld, Sigma DG Super Flash.

Prior to the encouter with the “half-naked native, ” we spent some time shooting in and around Fort Macon. There are a number of interesting nooks, crannies, rooms and corridors that make interesting settings for photos. For this shot I used a Vivitar 285 on a light stand and bounced into a 30″ umbella to enhance the natural light entering the room from the left.

From Fort Macon we moved west to a Public Water Access park a mile or two down the road. Here we took a number of shots; Cherity on a swing-set, with the ocean in the background, with the fishing pier in the backgound, both before and at sunset. Cherity was a joy to work with and I’m looking forward to shooting her wedding at the end of October.

For this tightly cropped beach shot I shot in AV mode (aperature priority) using a Sigma 500 DG Super flash mounted on a camera bracket.

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