Playing Catch up.

The last time I tried to update my blog it wouldn’t let me upload photos. I got so aggrivated by fighting with it that I gave up! I even kind of filed the blog in the back of my mind and didn’t think about trying to update it for the longest time. Well this morning I thought about it and decided it was time.

It’s wedding season now, and I’ve been shooting my share. I thought I’d share a few marketing pieces I’ve been working on using photos from recent weddings. This will give me a chance ot share some new photography with you, and perhaps even generate a little feedback about the work.

The first image is a postcard featuring a “getting ready” shot from a Durham North Carolina wedding at the RTP Hilton. The Bride, groom and both families were absolutely wonderful. So often receptions end-up being quiet, boring affairs. But not this one. Not only did nearly every guest dance, most could dance really, really well. Congratulations Jennifer and Jarod. Wedding planning by Carlee Cash

The next two pieces are from an Atlantic Beach North Carolina wedding. Following the ceremony and usual group shots the bride and groom walked down to water’s edge for some shots with the ocean in the background. After fininshing the shots we turned and started to walk back towards the parking area with me in the lead. From behind me I heard, “Scott! Don’t do something like that without warning me!” When I turned to see what the commotion was I discovered that the groom had picked-up his bride. I snapped a few shots of the romance that followed.

Scott works for a NASCAR race team, as did several of the wedding guests. Their reception, at the Sandbar in Beaufort, NC, was ceratinly anything but boring. You can check-ou their slideshow at: Wedding by Visions Concerige/Nuptials by the Sea, Atlantic Beach NC. Reception was held at the Tiki Bar, The Sandbar at Taylor Creek Marina, Beaufort NC.

The next sample is from a wedding in Selma North Carolina. Jason and Letanja were married in a country church with their reception held in thier lovely wooded yard next to their home. The ceremony was actually a reaffirmation of their vows from a prior civil ceremony in the winter. They were certainly two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Sharing their special day was both a pleasure and an honor.

I hope you enjoyed this excercise in catching up. Since the system seems to be allowing me to post photos again, I’ll try to update the blog more often.

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Robert (Bob) is a professional wedding photographer living along North Carolina's Crystal Coast. He specializes in wedding and lifestyle portraiture.

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